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Film title: Cross the Line
Language: English
Plot: Cross the Line is an action/drama about two police detectives Angela who is a top rate narcotics detective and Joe who is a hard nose homicide detective. Both detectives are going through a bad divorce. It sounds like a coincidence but it's not because they are the ones getting divorced from each other. One case forces them back together. A power drug lord seeks to get back what is rightfully his and crosses the line to get it. This story is full of explosive action, nail biting drama with a bit of hair raising suspense that will keep the viewer on the edge of their s

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Cross the Line Cast & Crew

Tina Krause
as Det. Angela Barnett
Albert J. Allie
as Det. Joe Colletti
Jimmy Ayala
as Gus
Tony Bassi
as Det. Donovan
Michael Caputo
as Ronnie
Michael Corleone
as Gym Owner
Tatiana Dellepiane
as Carli Rowe
Greg Depetro
as Sgt. Fitzgerald
Steve Devito
as Detective Marks
Sam Golden
as Sammy
Mimi Jefferson
as Officer Russell
Jim Kenney
as Det. O'Donell
Nicole Lauren
as Capt. Carter