Watch Crosshairs Online

Watch Crosshairs Online
Film title: Crosshairs
Language: English
Plot: Hired to enact revenge on a man who savagely beat a beautiful Russian débutant, Jack Verlaine is pressed between his newly acquired job and a persistent man named, Brill, who offers him a chance to advance higher in his seedy career. But when an estranged lover reappears in Verlaine's regimented existence, he soon realizes the new elements in his life may be just a plot to uncover his true identity.

Crosshairs Cast & Crew

Tom Sizemore
as Jimmy Marcos
Mark Rolston
as Brill
Jeffrey Vincent Parise
as Abe Frohman
Robert Seay
as Jack Verlaine
Kodi Kitchen
as Jenna
Luke Edwards
as Grandie
Silvy Kas
as Alena
Zitto Kazann
as Don Fernando
Carolyn Stotesbery
as Christine
Anadel Baughn
as Cindy
Rebecca Berens
as Gertrude
Drew Brilakis
as Sedorov