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Film title: Crush
Language: English
Plot: On the way to interview a novelist, Lane and Christina are involved in a car crash which leaves literary critic Christina brain-damaged. Lane undertakes the assignment and becomes attracted to the novelist's 15 year old daughter, leading to stormy emotions

Crush  Series
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Crush Cast & Crew

Donogh Rees
as Christina
Caitlin Bossley
as Angela Iseman
William Zappa
as Colin Iseman
Pete Smith
as Horse
Jon Brazier
as Arthur
Geoffrey Southern
as Patient
Shirley Wilson
as Intensive care nurse
Denise Lyness
as Physiotherapy nurse
Jennifer Karehana
as Physio nurse
David Stott
as Stephen
Harata Solomon
as Aunty Bet
Caroline De Lore
as Colleen
Trish Howie
as Nurse
Phil McLachlan
as Ward sister