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Film title: Crush
Language: English, French
Plot: Three 40-something women in a small English town meet weekly for a ritual of gin, cigarettes, and sweets -- and swapped stories arguing which of them has the most pathetic love life. Kate is headmistress at the local school; her best friends are the town's police chief and a cynical, thrice-divorced doctor. When Kate begins a fling with a handsome younger man, less worldly than her friends but passionate and sincere, the other women can't simply be happy for the couple's unusual new romance. In jealousy they promptly take it upon themselves to break up the pair, taking drastic measures which result in unintended outcomes, some happy and some tragic.

Crush  Series
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Crush Cast & Crew

Andie MacDowell
as Kate Scales
Imelda Staunton
as Janine
Anna Chancellor
as Molly Cartwright
Kenny Doughty
as Jed Willis
Bill Paterson
as Rev. Gerald Marsden
Joe Roberts
as Brendan
Josh Cole
as PC Darren Blake
Gary Powell
as Sergeant
Christian Burgess
as Kate's Frenchman
Morris Perry
as Bishop
Richenda Carey
as Lady Governor
Roger Booth
as Hearty Governor
Derek Deadman
as Little Crematorium Man
Andrew Bicknell
as Mr. Yacht