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Height: 7' 7" (2.31 m)
Wiki Biography: Daniel Gilchrist began his love of theatre in high school, where his initial interests were in the production/writing arenas. Upon graduating, he began working and volunteering for local theatre productions in his hometown of Topeka, Kansas. While he appeared in bit parts in various Topeka High School theatre productions, his first starring role was as The Monster in The Topeka Performing Arts Center's run of Frankenstein. Despite a rather daunting ordeal with the more un-seemly side of Hollywood scam artists, looking to profit from new actors trying to get a break, Daniel did grab a few on screen moments, taking over the role of Andre the Giant, in Andre: Heart of the Giant, replacing Matthew McGory who had died prior to filming. Daniel remains optimistic that this ill-fated turn may still pan out, allowing him to fulfill his dream of playing more substantial characters, thus branching out from roles such as the monster, the giant or the like. Daniel attributes his love of the theatre to his older brother, Brendan Gilchrist, who recently passed. It is Daniel's profound hope that he can continue to make his brother proud and honor the memory of his first and only hero.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Andre: Heart of the Giant Andre Roussimoff 2007 Drama, Sport
Ghost in da hood Dad / Andy / Ed 2014 Comedy
The Hungry Games Heymitch / Cinnabon / Fail / Rockface's Boyfriend 2014 Comedy
Elijah Gary 2014 Horror
Carrie and Jerry Bobby 2015 Horror
A School Poltergeist Chris 2015 Horror
Possessed Louie 2015 Horror