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Birthday: 1963-03-04
Place of Birth: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania USA
Height: 6' (1.83 m)
Wiki Biography: Having made his feature film debut starring in the teen comedy Cavegirl Daniel Roebuck quickly realized that there was only one direction to travel in his career. Up! Soon after Cavegirl, Roebuck established himself as one of the industry's youngest character actors with his haunting portrayal as the teenage killer, Samson in The River's Edge. Daniel Roebuck was born and raised in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, A fan of movies and television from a very early age he was immediately drawn to the actors and comedians. As his obsession with performing grew his parents unwittingly fomented his future by gifting him with a cardboard TV on his seventh Christmas. At the age of 10, he started performing in talent shows doing impressions of movie stars he loved. He joined a local circus two years later and made his debut as one of the youngest clowns in the country. Roebuck's clown act eventually segued into a magic act and he performed that throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. It was only a matter of time before Roebuck discovered the theater and from that point he never looked back. Over the next few years while still in Pennsylvania, Roebuck continued to hone his craft, acting in, directing, and even writing over 40 plays. He also began performing stand up comedy. Now, nearly 30 years later, Roebuck has amassed a substantial resume as an actor, writer and director. He has moved easily between all mediums having continued working on television, in movies and on the stage. His film credits are myriad, having starred in blockbusters like The Fugitive, US Marshals,and final Destination, as well as popular titles including Agent Cody Banks and it's sequel, That's What I Am, Money Talks, Flash Of Genius and so many more. Lately, Roebuck has enjoyed working in a number of horror movies - his favorite genre. He has collaborated with filmmaker Rob Zombie on Halloween, Halloween 2, Devil's Rejects, and Lords of Salem (as well as a commercial for AMDRO, the insecticide). He also appeared in Don Coscarelli's cult favorite Bubba Ho Tep as well as the director's Reggie's Tales and John Dies At The End. Daniel has also been a familiar face on television for nearly 3 decades, he was a regular for three seasons on the evergreen hit drama, Matlock, portraying attorney 'Cliff Lewis," the junior partner of the law firm headed by Andy Griffith's beloved character, 'Ben Matlock.' Interestingly, his landing the role was the fulfillment of a promise made several years earlier with his first appearance on "Matlock" in its inaugural season. At that time, Roebuck was told that Griffith had been so impressed with his work that he would be back as a regular on the show. It took five seasons, two more guest shots as different characters, and a change of networks, but Griffith kept his promise and Roebuck indeed became a series regular. He portrayed the irascible Rick Bettina on many episodes of Nash Bridges and in the fall of 2003 Daniel returned to series television as Pete Peterson, the gay owner of a local diner in A Minute With Stan Hooper. As a television guest star, Daniel has played countless characters. Some of his most memorable are a cop who literally turns into a pig on Grimm, a Romulan on Star Trek, Next Generation, a gun toting hostage taker on NYPD Blue, a cranky studio owner on Sonny With A Chance and a grieving father on Glee. He played other memorable roles on New Adventures of Old Christine, NCIS, Ghost Whisperer, CSI, Boston Legal, CSI Miami, Law And Order, Desperate Housewives and Hot in Cleveland. On the popular show, Lost, Roebuck portrayed the infamous Dr. Leslie Arzt, the aggravating science teacher whose explosive exit in the finale of the first season remains one of television's most surprising and talked about moments. He has starred in dozens of TV Movies. Perhaps his most famous turn was his critically acclaimed portrayal of Jay Leno in The Late Shift. He stepped into another pair of famous shoes when he played Garry Marshall in Behind The Camera; Mork and Mindy, The Unauthorized Story. Other Movies for television include A Family Lost, A Glimpse Of Hell, Murder At The Presidio, Shredderman Rules, A Borrowed Life, Quints and many others. Daniel's voice over work includes Christmas Is Here Again (a film he also produced),The Haunted World Of El Super Beasto and the groundbreaking video game, L.A. Noire. The theater remains Roebuck's first love and he has continued that passion in the Los Angeles area. He appeared in the world premiers of Sarcophagus and Crooks. He has also starred in No Time For Sergeants, Here Lies Jeremy Troy, Arsenic and Old Lace and The Man Who Came To Dinner among others. In 2006 Daniel founded THE Saint Francis Stage Company. Behind the camera, Roebuck has produced, written and directed/co-directed a number of documentaries including Halloween: The Happy Haunting of America and it's sequel as well as Goolians, Movieland Memories and a number of documentaries for the Monsterama series. Daniel has fulfilled nearly every dream of his childhood like appearing in Mad Magazine, becoming a toy and a Halloween mask and having his mug on a few trading cards. When not performing, Roebuck writes articles about Horror Movies, raises two children, teaches The Audition is the Job Experience and mentors young actors.

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Daniel Roebuck Daniel Roebuck Daniel Roebuck Daniel Roebuck Daniel Roebuck Daniel Roebuck


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Capital News Haskell Epstein 1990 Drama
The Fugitive Biggs 1993 Action
A Minute With Stan Hooper Pete Peterson 2003 Comedy
Windfall 2003 Action
Shredderman Rules! 2007 Comedy
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
The River's Edge Samson "John" Tollette 1957
Cavegirl Rex 1985 Comedy, Romance
River's Edge Samson "John" Tollette 1986 0
Dudes Biscuit 1987 0
Disorganized Crime 1989 0, 0
Only You Marty 1992 Comedy, Romance
The Fugitive Biggs 1993 Action, Adventure, Crime
The Late Shift Jay Leno 1996 Comedy, Drama, Talk Show
Cadillac Mike 1997 Drama
Sweet Jane 1998
U.S. Marshals Deputy Marshal Bobby Biggs 1998 Action, Crime, Thriller
Stir Joseph Bekins 1998 Drama, Thriller
Final Destination Agent Weine 2000 Reality Tv
Quints 2000
Up Against Amanda Officer Red 2000 Drama, Thriller
Double Take 2001 Action, Comedy, Crime
Hansel & Gretel Dad 2002 Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Agent Cody Banks Mr. Banks 2003 0
The Low Budget Time Machine Mook 2003 Comedy
The Sure Hand of God Marcus Bowser 2004 Drama
Straight Into Darkness Soldier 2004 Action, Drama
Bubba Ho-tep 2004 Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London Mr. Banks 2004 Action, Adventure, Comedy
Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber 2005 Comedy, Romance
Graves End Sheriff Hooper 2005 Thriller, Mystery
Flourish 2006 0, Game Show
Shredderman Rules 2007 0, 0
Red Riding Hood Red's Dad 2007 Adventure, Family, Musical
Trail of the Screaming Forehead Amos 2007 Comedy
Rex Sheriff Bobby 2008 Drama
Bryan Loves You Professor Spine 2008 Horror
The Lost Skeleton Returns Again Gondreau Slykes 2009 Comedy
Jack and the Beanstalk Mayor Lichfield 2009 Adventure, Comedy, Family
A Fork in the Road 2010
Final Sale Ted 2011 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Finding Amanda 2011 Comedy, Drama
Night Club Frank 2011 Comedy
Compound Fracture Jim 2013 Horror, Thriller
Lionhead Detective Heilman 2013 0, 0
John Dies at the End Largeman 2013 Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Vendetta Steven Moore 2014 Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Give Til It Hurts Dallas 2015 Comedy, Drama
31 Pastor Victor 2016 Reality Tv
Life Briefly Lou Robin 2017 Music