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Birthday: 1957-08-28
Place of Birth: Bethesda, Maryland USA
Height: 6' 4" (1.93 m)
Wiki Biography: Originally from Bethesda, Maryland, Daniel Stern has been acting professionally since the age of seventeen. Following his high school graduation, he auditioned for the Washington Shakespeare Festival seeking a job as a lighting engineer but ended up as "a strolling player with a lute" in their production of "As You Like It." Shortly thereafter, he made his way to New York where he "took a couple of acting lessons" and began to assemble an impressive portfolio of such off-Broadway credits as "Split," "Frankie and Annie," "The Mandrake," and "The Old Glory." In addition, director Peter Yates cast him as one of the four Indiana teenagers in the highly acclaimed film "Breaking Away." Variety in acting roles appeals to Stern. Following "Breaking Away," he appeared in Woody Allen's "Stardust Memories," Claudia Weill's "It's My Turn" and John Schlesinger's "Honky Tonk Freeway" before returning to New York to appear off-Broadway in the two character play "How I Got That Story," which led to critical acclaim and a starring role in Barry Levinson's "Diner." Other film credits include "I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can," "Blue Thunder," "Hannah and Her Sisters," "The Boss's Wife," "The Milagro Beanfield War," "Born in East L.A." and "D.O.A." In addition to his voice-over work on the series, Stern directed several episodes of the popular and critically acclaimed television comedy, "The Wonder Years."

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Daniel Stern Daniel Stern Daniel Stern Daniel Stern Daniel Stern Daniel Stern


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Breaking Away 1979 Comedy
Blue Thunder Officer Richard Lymangood 1984 - 1984 Action
Hometown Joey Nathan 1985 - 1985
Wonder Years Kevin Arnold - The Narrator 1988
The Wonder Years Kevin Arnold - The Narrator 1988 Drama
Gun Harvey Hochfelder 1997 - 1997
Dilbert Dilbert 1999 - 2000 Animation
Danny Danny 2001 - 2001
Regular Joe Joe Binder 2003 - 2003
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
D.O.A. Hal Petersham 1949 Comedy, 0
Breaking Away 1979 Comedy, Drama, Family
Stardust Memories 1980 0, 0
A Small Circle of Friends 1980 Drama
Honky Tonk Freeway 1982 Action, Comedy
Diner Laurence 'Shrevie' Schreiber 1982 Comedy, Drama
Blue Thunder Officer Richard Lymangood 1983 0, Sport, 0, Game Show
The Boss' Wife Joel Keefer 1986 Comedy
Born in East L.A. 1987 Comedy
The Milagro Beanfield War 1988 Comedy, Fantasy, Drama
Leviathan Buzz 'Sixpack' Parrish 1989 Adventure, Horror, Mystery
Little Monsters Glen Stevenson 1989 Comedy, Adventure, Family
Friends, Lovers, & Lunatics Mat 1989 Comedy
Home Alone Marv 1990 0
Coupe de Ville 1990 Comedy, Drama
My Blue Heaven Will Stubbs 1990 Comedy, Crime
City Slickers Phil Berquist 1991 Comedy
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Marv Merchants 1992 Adventure, Comedy, Crime
Rookie of the Year 1993 Comedy, Family, Fantasy
City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold Phil Berquist 1994 Adventure, Comedy
Bushwhacked Max Grabelski 1995
Celtic Pride Mike O'Hara 1996 Comedy, Sport
Very Bad Things Adam Berkow 1998 Comedy, Crime, Thriller
Viva Las Nowhere Frank Jacobs 2001 Crime, Drama, Comedy
The Last Full Measure 2004 Drama
The Last Time John Whitman 2007 Comedy, Drama, Thriller
Otis Will Lawson 2008 Comedy, Crime, Horror
Whip It Earl Cavendar 2009 Drama, Sport
The Next Three Days Meyer Fisk 2010 Crime, Drama, Romance
Frankenweenie 2012 Drama, 0