Dante's Cove

Dante's Cove Series
Genre: Drama
Premiere: 2005 -
IMDB Rating: 5.7/10
Sessons: 3
Full Episodes: 13
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Airing on the gay-oriented Here! network, in 2005, this little-watched show is set in the same universe as network companion “The Lair.” The show was created by Michael Costanza. The show is set in a small coastal town in Southern California and focuses on a group of attractive characters in their twenties most of them skaters, surfers, and college students -- who live in an apartment complex on the beach called the Hotel Dante. The good-looking young residents are gay, lesbian, bi and straight, at a point in their lives when they are full of hopes and dreams, but also coming up against the harsh realities of daily survival. The group of friends investigates mysterious happenings that took place long ago in their apartment complex. The central relationship is between gay couple Toby (Charlie David) and Kevin (Gregory Michael). The show was filmed in the Caribbean and Hawaii and, as a result, is laced with beautiful scenery. Although the show only ran for 12 episodes (over 3 seasons), the show developed a relatively elaborate mythology with an in-universe form of witchcraft called Truesm.
Dante's Cove S03E05
Last Episode, 21 December 2007: Season 3, Episode 5: Naked in the Dark
Diana and Grace manage to exorcise the demons out of Michelle, only to have Diana betray her by allowing the demons from the House of Shadows to enter her to give her all the dark power she wants.
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Date Aired Dante's Cove Episodes
Season 1
2004 Season 1, Episode 0: Unaired Pilot
7 October 2005 Season 1, Episode 1: In the Beginning
4 November 2005 Season 1, Episode 2: Then There Was Darkness
Season 2
1 September 2006 Season 2, Episode 1: It's a Kind of Magic
15 September 2006 Season 2, Episode 2: Playing with Fire
1 October 2006 Season 2, Episode 3: Come Together
15 October 2006 Season 2, Episode 4: Spring Forward
1 November 2006 Season 2, Episode 5: The Solstice
Season 3
19 October 2007 Season 3, Episode 1: Sex and Death: and Rock and Roll
9 November 2007 Season 3, Episode 2: Blood Sugar Sex Magik
23 November 2007 Season 3, Episode 3: Sexual Healing
7 December 2007 Season 3, Episode 4: Like a Virgin
21 December 2007 Season 3, Episode 5: Naked in the Dark