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Film title: Dante's Hell Documented
Language: English, Italian
Plot: Dante's Hell Documented is the story of Dante's journey through the first part of the afterlife, Hell. The story is of an Infernal journey circle-by-circle and presented in an unprecedented and unique way that no other documentary has done until now. Dante's Hell Documented is a visual and narrative journey to and through Hell.

Dante's Hell Documented Series
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Dante's Hell Documented Cast & Crew

Eric Roberts
as Dante
Jeff Conaway
as Circles Introduction
Franco Nero
as Circles Introduction
Silvia Colloca
as Beatrice - Italian Recitation
Arnoldo Foà
as Speaker - Death
Shirly Brener
as Entrance Encryption in Hebrew
Hélène Cardona
as Speaker - 2nd Circle: The Lustful
Christina July Kim
as Speaker - 3rd Circle: The Gluttons
Veronica De Laurentiis
as Speaker - The Furies
Melissa Ricci
as Speaker - 5th Circle: The Wrathful
Diane Salinger
as Speaker - 6th Circle: The Heretics and Medusa
Vanna Bonta
as Speaker - 7th Circle: The Blasphemers
Jose Rosete
as Speaker: 7th Circle - The Murderers
Jsu Garcia
as Speaker - 7th Circle: Capaneus and Latini