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Film title: Dark Mind
Language: English
Plot: Paul, an optimistic inventor, turns into a recluse after facing a brutal betrayal. Convinced that Russians are spying on him, he struggles to protect his greatest invention: The Cube. When an accident thrusts him into the spotlight, his sense of reality is threatened and his world becomes twisted beyond recognition.

Dark Mind Series
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Dark Mind Cast & Crew

Lyndsy Fonseca
as Jenny
David DeLuise
as Detective Kopf
Richard Riehle
as Detective Rees
Clayton Landey
as Vladimir
Brandon Barash
as Jenny's Boyfriend
Tom Everett
as Jenny's Dad
Kestrin Pantera
as Brunette aka Susan
Lorna Scott
as Jenny's Mom
Eric Artell
as Reporter 1
Mike Baldridge
as The Doctor
Elwood Carlisle
as Newspapaer Man
Bryan Cranston
as CSE Radio Host
John Farley
as Accident Man
Dennis Hoerter
as Cafe Patron