Watch Dark and Stormy Night Online

Watch Dark and Stormy Night Online
Film title: Dark and Stormy Night
Language: English
Plot: A strange and mysterious group of strange, mysterious people gathers in the old dark house of the Cavinder Estate for the reading of the will of the late Sinas Cavinder. Strangest and most mysterious of this group is the unseen psychopathic killer who is psychopathically killing the gatherees

Dark and Stormy Night Cast & Crew

Jim Beaver
as Jack Tugdon
Jennifer Blaire
as Billy Tuesday
Larry Blamire
as Ray Vestinhaus
Bob Burns
as Kogar the Gorilla
Dan Conroy
as Happy Codburn
Robert Deveau
as Archie Folde
Bruce French
as Jeens
Betty Garrett
as Mrs. Hausenstout
Trish Geiger
as Jane Hovenham
Brian Howe
as Burling Famish, Jr.
Marvin Kaplan
as Gunny
James Karen
as Seyton Ethelquake
Alison Martin
as Mrs. Cupcupboard
Fay Masterson
as Sabasha Fanmoore
Susan McConnell
as Thessaly