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Film title: Darkworld
Language: English
Plot: Fallon is a gorgeous twenty-something with just a couple of flaws. For starters, she's dead. A close second, she has found herself in a new job serving as a soul huntress for an evil overlord. Fallon accepts her new role and quickly turns loose on humanity. Her sinister supervisor, Mr. Sixx, is greatly impressed. Over confident in his new student, he assigns Fallon to a forbidden case -- one that ignites terrible memories and turns her against him. Can faith and family survive an onslaught of soul-searing demons? What happens when Fallon discovers that her next target is someone that she greatly cares for?

Darkworld Series
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Darkworld Cast & Crew

Gina Valona
as Fallon
Sean Wing
as Brian
Aidan Marus
as Derek
Paul Michael Bolan
as Truck Driver
Mara Marini
as Faith
Steve Jones Watson
as Mr. Sixx
Gina DeVettori
as Fangerella
Chrissy May
as Scythia
Jed Rowen
as Brimstone
Art Parga
as Clayton Diggs
Tiffany Gonzáles
as The Unnamed
Mark English
as Luke
Jeremy Rodriguez
as Card Dealer
Jenne Kang
as Flapper
Dan Demetry
as Pirate