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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
WIA 4 Jack Wilder 2010
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Fright Night Mark 1985 Reality Tv, Game Show
Superbad Greg the Soccer Player 2007
After Sex Sam 2008 Comedy, Drama, Romance
The Shortcut Mark 2009 Horror, Thriller
Charlie St. Cloud Sully 2010 Drama, Fantasy, Romance
The Broken Tower Young Hart 2011 Biography, Drama, History
21 Jump Street Eric Molson 2012 0, 0
Warm Bodies Perry 2013 0, Biography, Reality Tv, 0
Bad Meat Tyler 2013 Comedy, Horror
Now You See Me Jack Wilder 2013 Crime, Thriller
The Sound and the Fury Quentin Compson 2015
Now You See Me 2 Jack Wilder 2015 Action, Comedy, Thriller
Nerve Ian 2016 Thriller
The Disaster Artist Greg Sestero 2017 0