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Birthday: 1943-05-10
Place of Birth: Waukegan, Illinois
Height: 6' 1" (1.85 m) Mini Biography Poli
Wiki Biography: Political activist known for hands-on approach to politics. Frequently participates in rallies, readings, etc., even if the cameras aren't rolling. Has turned down roles (such as in Just Cause (1995)) because of his political beliefs.

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David Clennon


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Paper Chase 1973 Comedy
Park Place 1980 Comedy
Almost Perfect Neal Luder 1995 Comedy
Missing Consul Phil Putnam 2004 - 2005 Drama
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Paper Chase 1973 Comedy, Drama
Go Tell the Spartans 1978 Drama
Being There Thomas Franklin 1979 0
The Thing Palmer 1982 Reality Tv, Game Show, Sport
Special Bulletin 1983 Drama
Hanna K. 1983 Drama
Sweet Dreams 1985 Drama, Music
Legal Eagles 1986 Comedy, Crime, Romance
The Trouble with Dick Lars 1987 Comedy
The Couch Trip 1988 Comedy
He's My Girl Mason Morgan 1988 Comedy
Downtown Jerome Sweet 1989
Light Sleeper 1992 Crime, Drama
And the Band Played On Mr. Johnstone 1993
Dos crímenes Jim 1995 Comedy, Crime, Drama
Silver City 2004 Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Constellation 2005
Life of the Party Jack 2005 Comedy, Drama, Sport
Missing Consul Phil Putnam 2007 Game Show
Convention Sen. Chuck McGee 2008
Extraordinary Measures 2010
Callers Hamilton 2011 Comedy, Mystery
Mr. Jones The Curator 2013 Drama, Horror, Thriller
The Many Lives of Jovan Cornejo Old Man Schumer 2014 Comedy, Horror
Sophie Ciespy 2015
Betrayed 2018 0, Game Show