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Birthday: 1929-12-01
Place of Birth: Lincoln, Nebraska
Wiki Biography: David Fitzgerald Doyle was born in Lincoln, Nebraska December 1, 1929. He was the son of Mary Ruth Fitzgerald and Lewis Raymond (Lum) Doyle, a prominent Lincoln attorney. His maternal grandfather was John Fitzgerald, a prominent banker and railroad builder in Nebraska. His paternal grandfather was T. J. Doyle, also an attorney. He was one of three children, including brother John, an attorney, and sister Mary, an actress. He grew up in Lincoln and attended Cathedral grade school. He then went to Campion, a Jesuit prep school in Wisconsin. He made his acting debut at age six and played children's roles in local productions. He was a member of the Community Theater in Lincoln. He was in Life with Father (1947). Doyle entered the University of Nebraska in 1945 and he was expected to become a lawyer, as had four generations of Doyles. But the young Doyle preferred to spend him time in the theater department. A fellow classmate at the University of Nebraska was Johnny Carson. Doyle appeared frequently on his college buddy's late night talk show during the 1960s. Doyle ranked sixth in the state on his law school entrance exams. But the theater still called him and he chose acting over a career in law. He moved to New York after college. He got his break in 1956 when he replaced Walter Matthau in the Broadway production of Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1957). His first wife, Rachel, died after injuries in a freak fall from a stairway in 1968. While doing a revival of "South Pacific" a year later, he met Anne Nathan and they were married. After Broadway, Doyle moved to California and was cast as Walt Fitzgerald in the television series, "Bridget Loves Bernie" (1972). A string of character roles followed, and Doyle is probably best remembered as the lovable private detective, Bosley, on the "Charlie's Angels" (1976) series. Doyle couldn't escape the legal profession and portrayed an attorney, Ted Holmes, on the daytime soap opera, "General Hospital" (1963) during 1986. Doyle is best remembered for his distinctive, raspy voice which earned him the voice role in several animated series and movies. He died of a heart attack in Los Angeles on February 26, 1997 at age 67.

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Dramarama Baz 1983 - 1989
Loving Will 1983 - 1995
Foofur Mel 1986 Animation
Rugrats Grandpa Lou Pickles 1991 - 1992 Animation
Sonic the Hedgehog Additional Voices / ... 1993 - 1994
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
A New Leaf 1971 Biography
Crackle of Death 1974
Ginger in the Morning 1974
Capricorn One Walter Loughlin 1977 0, 0, Game Show
Wild and Wooly Teddy Roosevelt 1978 Comedy
Vigilante Force Homer Arno 1978 Action, Adventure, Crime
Wait Till Your Mother Gets Home! 1983 Comedy
Ghost Writer Herb Baxter 1989 Comedy, Fantasy
Love or Money Arthur Reed 1990 Comedy
The Punk Roger Rabbit 1994 Drama
The Imitators Kevin 1996 Crime