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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Syngenor 0000
Savage Weekend 1979 Reality Tv
Re-Animator Dr. Carl Hill 1985 Sport, 0
The Gold Diggers The Expert 1988 Drama, Music
The Brain Dr. Anthony Blakely 1988 Horror
Jakarta DeJames 1989 Thriller
The First Power 1990 Crime, Horror, Thriller
Bride of Re-Animator Doctor Carl Hill 1990 Comedy, Horror, Sci Fi
Guyver 1992 Sci Fi, Action, Comedy
The Guyver 1992 Sci Fi, Action, Comedy
Mulroney: The Opera Provincial Premiere 2011 Comedy, Musical
Pulse Pounders Rat Creature 2012 Fantasy, Horror
Portrait of a Serial Monogamist Ethan Neufeld 2015 Comedy, Drama, Romance