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Birthday: 1949-01-26
Place of Birth: San Francisco, California USA
Height: 6' (1.83 m)
Wiki Biography: David Strathairn was born on January 26, 1949 in San Francisco, California. His father was a physician and he has two siblings, a brother Tom and a sister named Anne. He attended Williams College, where he demonstrated great interest in the theater, and first befriended John Sayles, with whom he would later frequently collaborate. Strathairn graduated college and traveled to Florida to visit with a grandfather, but the grandfather passed away while Strathairn was en route. Strathairn, finding himself freshly-arrived and without friends in Florida, decided instead to join the Ringling Brothers Clown College and subsequently worked as a clown for six months in a traveling circus. Relocating to New York State, he spent several years hitchhiking across America to work in local theaters during the summers. During one of these summers Strathairn reunited with Sayles, and this eventually resulted in his role in the highly regarded Return of the Secaucus Seven (1979), Sayle's directorial debut. Thereafter Strathairn developed an extensive resume of supporting roles, which have become increasingly substantial as his stature in the industry has grown. Only a few examples of his work include an off-beat patient of the psychiatrist played by Dudley Moore in the romantic comedy Lovesick (1983), in Silkwood (1983) as Welsey, in L.A. Confidential (1997) as the enigmatic millionaire Pierce Patchett, and in A Map of the World (1999) as Howard, the husband of Sigourney Weaver's character. Sayles frequently casts Strathairn, whose performances can be seen in Sayles' The Brother from Another Planet (1984), Matewan (1987), Eight Men Out (1988), City of Hope (1991), and Passion Fish (1992). Perhaps most notable of his collaborations with Sayles is his superb performance co-starring with Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in Limbo (1999). He works in television occasionally and may be familiar to television viewers as Molly's boss in the series "The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd" (1987). Strathairn continues to be one of the most active male supporting actors in American film today, his work is highly regarded, and he can be counted on to deliver an understated yet powerful performance. His craggy, unorthodox good looks are perhaps attributable to his mixed Scottish and Hawaiian ancestry.

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David Strathairn David Strathairn David Strathairn David Strathairn David Strathairn David Strathairn


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Howl Ralph McIntosh Action
A League of Their Own Ira Lowenstein 1992 Comedy
The Firm Ray McDeere 1993 Thriller
Home For The Holidays Russell Terziak 1995 Comedy
Big Apple FBI Agent Will Preecher 2001 Drama
The Uninvited Steven 2009 Drama
The Whistleblowers 2010 Drama
Temple Grandin 2010 Drama
Alphas Dr. Lee Rosen 2012 Action
Twisted Dr. Melvin Frank 2013 - 2014 Crime
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Silkwood 1983 Drama, Thriller
Enormous Changes at the Last Minute Jerry 1985 Drama
When Nature Calls Weejun 1985 Comedy
At Close Range 1986 Comedy, 0
Matewan Sid Hatfield 1988 Drama, History
Eight Men Out Eddie Cicotte 1988 Drama, History, Sport
Memphis Belle 1990 Action, Drama
City of Hope 1991 0
Son of the Morning Star 1991 History
Big Girls Don't Cry... They Get Even Keith Powers 1992
O Pioneers! Carl Linstrum 1992
A League of Their Own Ira Lowenstein 1992 0
Bob Roberts 1992 Comedy
Sneakers Irwin 'Whistler' Emery 1992 Comedy, Crime, Drama
Lost in Yonkers Johnny 1993
The Firm Ray McDeere 1993 0
A Dangerous Woman Getso 1993 Drama, Romance
April One John McCowan 1994 Thriller
The River Wild 1994 Action, Adventure, Crime
Dolores Claiborne Joe St. George 1995 0, Game Show
Losing Isaiah 1995 Drama
Home for the Holidays Russell Terziak 1995 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Beyond the Call 1996
In the Gloaming 1997 Drama
L.A. Confidential Pierce Morehouse Patchett 1997 Crime, Drama, Mystery
With Friends Like These... Armand Minetti 1998
Simon Birch 1998 Comedy, Drama
Bad Manners Wes 1998 Comedy, Drama, Romance
The Climb 1999 Drama
Meschugge Charles Kaminski 1999 Thriller
A Midsummer Night's Dream Theseus 1999 Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Limbo 'Jumpin' Joe Gastineau 1999 Adventure, Drama, Thriller
Harrison's Flowers Harrison Lloyd 2000
A Map of the World 2000 Drama
A Good Baby Truman Lester 2000 Drama
Speakeasy 2002
Ball in the House Dr. Charlie 2002 Drama, Comedy
Lathe of Heaven 2002 Sci Fi
The Uninvited Steven 2003 Reality Tv, Game Show, 0
Blue Car 2003 Drama
Twisted 2004 0, Comedy, 0
Missing in America 2005
Heavens Fall 2005
Heaven's Fall Judge James Horton 2005
Good Night, and Good Luck. Edward R. Murrow 2005
We Are Marshall President Dedmon 2006
The Sensation of Sight 2006 0
The Notorious Bettie Page Estes Kefauver 2006 Drama
Matters of Life and Death Mr. Jennings 2007
Steel Toes 2007
The Bourne Ultimatum Noah Vosen 2007 0, Game Show
Fracture DA Joe Lobruto 2007 Crime, Drama, Mystery
Racing Daylight Henry / Harry 2007 Drama
My Blueberry Nights Arnie 2007 Drama, Romance
The Spiderwick Chronicles Arthur Spiderwick 2008 0, 0, 0
Cold Souls 2009 Comedy, Drama
The Whistleblower Peter Ward 2011
The Tempest King Alonso 2011 Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
The Whistle Blower 2011 Drama, Thriller
No God, No Master William Flynn 2012 Crime, Thriller, Drama
Maladies Delmar 2013
Howl Ralph McIntosh 2015 Reality Tv
Oliver's Deal Nathan 2015 Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Iceman Dr. Singe 2017 0