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Film title: De fortabte sjæles ø
Language: Danish, German, Spanish
Plot: 14-year-old Lulu moves to a small provincial town with her mother and younger brother. One night, her brother is struck by a beam of white light - actually the spirit of Herman Hartmann from the 19th-century. To her despair, Lulu realizes that Herman has possessed her brother, and the two of them are whirled into a fevered adventure. Joined by Oliver, a rich kid, and Richard, a disillusioned clairvoyant and inventor, they take on the dark, supernatural forces gathering over the town - evil from deep in the land of the dead, determined to take over the world and see them die.

De fortabte sjæles ø  Series
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De fortabte sjæles ø Cast & Crew

Lucas Munk Billing
as Sylvester
Lasse Borg
as Oliver
Lars Mikkelsen
as Necromancer
Anders W. Berthelsen
as Herman Hartmann
Beate Bille
as Linea
Frank Thiel
as Alexander
Camilla Bendix
as Ekstra stemme
Ulle Bjørn Bengtsson
as Ekstra stemme
Gerard Bidstrup
as Ung spansktalende fyr
Anni Ribir Binisen
as Ung pige
Kadhim Faraj
as Spøgelse - Araber