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Film title: Dead Aim
Language: English
Plot: Ed Marinaro is Malcolm "Mace" Douglas, a street-tough detective who's out for justice-no matter what the cost. While investigating the mysterious suicidal heroin overdoses of four beautiful exotic dancers, Mace puts together the pieces of a deadly puzzle, infiltrating a violent ring of shadowy drug and weapons dealers, Mace methodically tracks a serial killer (Rick Washburn) with murderous ties to a ruthless foreign diplomat (Harry Goz). Mace won't stop until he gets some answers. The FBI and KGB have them, but now they're talking back with bullets.

Dead Aim Series
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Dead Aim Cast & Crew

Ed Marinaro
as Malcolm 'MACE' Douglas
Darrell Larson
as Mark Cain
Cassandra Gava
as Amber
Isaac Hayes
as Jamal
John Hancock
as Talbot
William Sanderson
as Brennan
Corbin Bernsen
as Webster
William Windom
as McWhorter
Harry Goz
as Androsov
Terry Beaver
as Agent Johnson
Lynn Whitfield
as Sheila Freeman
Sandi Brannon
as Misty
Diana Brittain
as Candi
Carol Chambers
as Nicole