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Watch Dead Awake  Online
Film title: Dead Awake
Language: English
Plot: An insomniac wanders the streets at night and ends up at a local deli where life's losers appear to end up, including a nice, although slightly lost young woman and a slightly deranged, apparently homeless man, and a untalkative, dysfunctional cop hangout. On one of the late night forays, the insomniac witnesses a murder. When he tries to report, there is no sign of the murder, but the cops become convinced he is the killer. But wait, that is not the weird part. It seems that the insomniac has a girl friend, who doesn't have a clue that he gets up at night and wanders the city, and a personal assistant, who knows all about his exploits. But it only gets weirder from there as the cops uncover that the murdered man is connected to the man's girl f

Dead Awake Cast & Crew

Stephen Baldwin
as Desmond Caine
Macha Grenon
as W.D.
Edward Yankie
as Det. Gary Belladonna
Janet Kidder
as Kimberly 'Kick' Birmingham
Maxim Roy
as Chaney Streeter
Claudia Ferri
as Lena Savage
Karen Elkin
as Alma Blasquez
Frank Schorpion
as McCoy Wright
Conrad Pla
as Veronica
Daniel Brochu
as Pit Bull Owner
Gillian Ferrabee
as Gloria Magik
Lorne Brass
as Udo Magik
Donovan Reiter
as Horace Ramirez