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Film title: Dead Beat
Language: English
Plot: In 1965, Rudy, a Midwestern high-school kid, moves to Albuquerque; lonely and friendless, he's attracted to Kit, slightly older, with a car, his own apartment, and spending money. Kit loves Elvis and loves the ladies; plus, he's a complete phony: his tan is fake, he wears lifts, he lies to girls, and he pretends to care about Rudy. Kit also shares a dark secret with two other devoted followers, Jimmy and Martha. He meets his match in Kirsten, a spoiled rich girl who gives as good as she gets. When she and a younger cousin disappear, Rudy must choose between loneliness and the law

Dead Beat Series
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Dead Beat Cast & Crew

Max Perlich
as Jimmy
Caleb Smith
as Drunken Teenager
Casey Dixon
as Heidi
Sara Gilbert
as Martha
Alida Gunn
as Tammy
Deborah Harry
as Mrs. Kurtz
Jerome Zelle
as Danny Kurtz
Barbara Glover
as Aquatic Director
Rick Dubov
as Liquor Store Clerk