Watch Dead Calm Online

Watch Dead Calm Online
Film title: Dead Calm
Rotten Tomatoes: 82%
Language: English
Plot: The Ingrams -- John (Sam Neill) and Rae (Nicole Kidman) -- set off for an extended sailing trip after their young son dies tragically in a car crash. When they come across another seafarer (Billy Zane) feverishly paddling away from a sinking schooner, they bring him aboard -- and quickly realize he's a murderous sociopath. Masterfully directed by Phillip Noyce, this violent, psychological thriller helped launch Kidman's film career.

Dead Calm Cast & Crew

Nicole Kidman
as Rae Ingram
Sam Neill
as John Ingram
Billy Zane
as Hughie Warriner
Rod Mullinar
as Russell Bellows
Joshua Tilden
as Danny
George Shevtsov
as Doctor
Michael Long
as Specialist Doctor
Lisa Collins
as 'Orpheus' Cruise Girl
Paula Hudson-Brinkley
as 'Orpheus' Cruise Girl
Sharon Cook
as 'Orpheus' Cruise Girl
Malinda Rutter
as 'Orpheus' Cruise Girl
as Dog