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Film title: Dead Dogs Lie
Language: English
Plot: Three hit people - two men, one woman, who have never met before are placed on a road trip down the East Coast together. The only thing they have in common is that they have all worked for the same boss - and, as they swap stories, discover that they have all screwed up for this same boss in the past. As they near Florida, the trio starts to wonder what is waiting for them when they reach their des

Dead Dogs Lie Series
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Dead Dogs Lie Cast & Crew

Tommy Flanagan
as Michael
Gary Stretch
as Duck
Peter Greene
as Marcus Devlin
Stephanie Silk
as Denise / Waitress
Eric Tonken
as Teenage Michael
Jeff Shore
as Moe
Dean Sansone
as Larry Gold
Del Pentecost
as Southern Cop
Tania Deighton
as Jamie
David Fonteno
as Benny
Keith Smith
as Lenny
Victor Mastroianni
as Jeff the Clerk
Torri Singer
as 8-Year-Old Amity