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Film title: Dead Funny
Language: English
Plot: Viv returns to her apartment and finds her boyfriend Reggie murdered in the kitchen. At first, she suspects this is another one of his elaborate practical jokes. During a harrowing series of visits by friends and acquaintances, Viv experiences flashback after flashback, leading her to piece together exactly what h

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Dead Funny Cast & Crew

Andrew McCarthy
as Reggie Barker
Paige Turco
as Louise
Blanche Baker
as Barbara
Allison Janney
as Jennifer
Adelle Lutz
as Mari
Novella Nelson
as Frances
Michael Mantell
as Harold
Patricia Scanlon
as Woman from Brooklyn
Tanya Berezin
as Next Door Neighbor
Ken Kensei
as Yoshi
Bai Ling
as Norriko
Samuel Baird
as Know-It-All Painter
Carol Schneider
as Woman at Picnic