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Film title: Dead Letter Office
Language: English, Spanish
Plot: Alice's father left when she was a child. She continued to share her life with him in letters that she sent not realising that he never received them. Eventually, they all come back with "Dead Letter Office" stamped on the front. As an adult, she becomes consumed with a desire to find him and takes a job with the Dead Letter Office, convinced that she can use them to fulfill her romantic notions of a reunion with her father. What awaits her at the DLO is far more than th

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Dead Letter Office Cast & Crew

Alicia Banit
as Young Alice
Tess Mornana
as Young Alice
Mariette Carey
as Miss Harris
Miranda Otto
as Alice Walsh
Nicholas Bell
as Kevin
Syd Brisbane
as Peter
George DelHoyo
as Frank Lopez
Malcolm Singh
as Victor
Mark Wilson
as Youth
Jane Hall
as Heather
Jillian O'Dowd
as Lizzy
Alethea McGrath
as Gardening Woman
Carole Fraser
as Aboriginal Woman