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Film title: Dead Men Can't Dance
Language: English
Plot: To stamp out the threat of nuclear war a special ops team must travel to North Korea to carry out a covert mission to destroy a nuclear power plant. Everything does not go as planned. Their communications are cut off and they must remember their survival training to get them through

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Dead Men Can't Dance Cast & Crew

Michael Biehn
as Robert Hart
Mark Edward Anderson
as Wayne Northrup
Adrian Paul
as Shooter
Kathleen York
as Victoria Elliot
Greg Paik
as Maj. Kang
R. Lee Ermey
as Sen. Pullman T. Fowler
Denis Forest
as Dennis Larson
Grace Zabriskie
as Brig. Gen. Burke
Janet Price
as Orderly
Paul Perri
as Maj. Shelby
John Carroll Lynch
as Sgt. Plonder
Barbara Eve Harris
as Sgt Rhodes
Jennifer Blanc
as Sgt. Susie Warzenak
Shawnee Smith
as Sgt. Addy Cooper
Wendy Gazelle
as Sgt. Lorraine Towers