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Film title: Dead Men Don't Die
Language: English
Plot: A reporter investigating a drug dealing ring is murdered. Brought back to life by the voodoo spell of a cleaning woman, he goes after his killers.

Dead Men Don't Die Series
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Dead Men Don't Die Cast & Crew

Elliott Gould
as Barry Baron
Melissa Sue Anderson
as Dulcie Niles
Mark Moses
as Jordan Penrose
Mabel King
as Chafuka
Jack Betts
as Alex Cavanaugh
Philip Bruns
as Nolan
Robert Dryer
as Mungo
Phil Shipko
as Frank
Jerome Guardino
as Neal Guardino
Stanley Kamel
as Archie
Andee Gray
as Isadora
Eric Lawrence
as Floor Manager
Judy Kain
as Margo
Charlie Brill
as Director