Watch Dead Write Online

Watch Dead Write Online
Film title: Dead Write
Language: English
Plot: After driving husband Martin to infidelity and catching him with another, mentally unstable author Jade returns to her New Zealand home. The plan is to write a book based on the town's history, helped by the local school teacher and her college thesis protégée, and visit her father Christopher. As her editor later explains, her suspicions concerning ever more locals stem from a pathological mental condition. However, more then just paranoia comes with the horse riding incident which killed her ma, an obsessive guilt matter for her and Christopher.

Dead Write Cast & Crew

June Squibb
as Miss Copperfiled
Robert Pine
as Christopher
Tippi Hedren
as Minnie
Jonathan Breck
as Deputy Richard Hoffs
Kala Savage
as Vanessa
Kali Rocha
as Samantha
Nick Stabile
as Martin
Jamey Geston
as Madison
René Ashton
as Karen
Anthony John Denison
as Dr. Bruno Alexander
Charlene Geisler
as Student