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Film title: Deadland
Language: English
Plot: Intertwined within it's sci-fi action/thriller roots, at its core DEADLAND is a story of hope set in a post-apocalyptic world. After five years of searching, survivor Sean Kalos stumbles upon proof that his missing wife may still be alive in the new United Provinces. World War III's nuclear strikes on the U.S. set the nation back 200 years, and hope is all but lost when every survivor of the war is infected by a fatal nuclear plague. What was designed to be the new rebirth has become martial law, and the Officers of the Province wield their power with cruelty. When Sean crosses them, he finds himself in the middle of a personal war, and his quest for his wife inspires hope in a land that has forgotten the meaning of the word.

Deadland Series
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Deadland Cast & Crew

Gary Weeks
as Sean Kalos
Brian Tee
as Jax
William Katt
as Shiv
Chad Mathews
as P.O. Harris
Cullen Douglas
as Nathaniel
Emily-Grace Murray
as Katie Johnson
Philip Boyd
as P.O. Anderson
Mike Lutz
as P.O. Shockley
Branden Waits
as P.O. Clarence
Davis Neves
as Zoona
William Colquitt
as Commander Rufler
Tony Weeks
as Harold
Jason-Shane Scott
as Krannen
Tara Frix
as Lexi