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Film title: Deadly Closure
Language: English
Plot: Janis McKenzie, is a 36 year old photographer in Sarasota. Janis witnessed her twin brother kill their parents. Twenty years later, she waits for him to come to kill her for her testimony. Trained in martial arts, she is ready. All Janis wants is CLOSURE.

Deadly Closure  Series
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Deadly Closure Cast & Crew

Lisa Varga
as Janis McKenzie
Audrey Landers
as Audrey Landers
Diane Ford
as Diane Ford
Toni Ann Rossi
as Carol Dodd
Ken Stellingwerf
as Jamey McKenzie
David Angers
as Prisoner
Seva Anthony
as Marie Barbeau
Donald Ashcraft
as Tattooed Prisoner
Vance Askins
as Medical Doctor
Jim Barnacz
as Soldier
Bruce Blauer
as Abe Rabinowicz
Clifford Cespedes
as Mickey Crass
Phillips Daugherty
as Prison Guard
Ronald Dime
as Police Officer