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Film title: Deadly Reactor
Language: English
Plot: In a post-apocalypse world inhabited by the Amish, a roving gang led by the corpulent Hog is making life miserable for the peaceful townspeople. Only one lone gunfighter dares to stand in their way. He never draws first - he's the reactor!

Deadly Reactor Series
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Deadly Reactor Cast & Crew

Alyson Davis
as Shawna
Barbara Kerek
as Mrs. Dawson
Arvid Holmberg
as Mr. Dawson
Ray Spinka
as Mayor
David Leach
as Bartender
Philip Hillery
as Sheriff
Norman Bernard
as Bolie
Ace Cruz
as Keylow
Cyndra Williams
as Singer
Dan Zukovic
as Rad
Billy Frank
as Tongue
Beth Adubato
as Mary