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Film title: Death Wish
Rotten Tomatoes: 18%
Language: English
Plot: While New York City architect Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) is away from home, drug addicts break into his house and brutally murder his wife, Joanna (Hope Lange), and rape his daughter until she's comatose. Once wary of guns, Kersey takes matters into his own hands, seeking vigilante justice against not only the culprits, but other wrongdoers as well. New York City cops soon take notice and try to find the person who's doing their job.

Death Wish Series
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Death Wish Cast & Crew

Charles Bronson
as Paul Kersey
Hope Lange
as Joanna Kersey
Vincent Gardenia
as Detective Frank Ochoa
Steven Keats
as Jack Toby
William Redfield
as Sam Kreutzer
Stuart Margolin
as Ames Jainchill
Stephen Elliott
as Police Commissioner
Kathleen Tolan
as Carol Toby
Jack Wallace
as Hank
Fred J. Scollay
as District Attorney
Chris Gampel
as Ives
Robert Kya-Hill
as Joe Charles
Edward Grover
as Lt. Briggs
Jeff Goldblum
as Freak #1
Christopher Logan
as Freak #2