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Film title: Death by Engagement
Language: English
Plot: Left at the alter by his traitorous fiancée, Spencer Starkington snaps and spirals into insanity and murder when he becomes obsessed with retrieving an heirloom engagement ring belonging to his mother, and her mother, and so on. Spencer leaves a trail of bloody brides-to-be as the ring inadvertently passes from hand to hand, with Spencer always one step behind it. Hot on Spencer's trail are detectives Rikki Moore and Cate Hamilton who follow the corpses Spencer leaves in his wake.

Death by Engagement Series
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Death by Engagement Cast & Crew

Sascha Knopf
as Det. Rikki Moore
Aaron McPherson
as Det. Cade Hamilton
P.J. Soles
as Mrs. Starkington
Iyari Limon
as Erica
Ryan Hansen
as Michael Micelli
Jilon VanOver
as Byron Oniskon
Julian Berlin
as Leila
Brandon Largent
as Spencer Starkington
Jeffrey Vincent Parise
as Robert 'Bobo' Slarn
John Barry
as Doctor #1
Brian Wade
as Officer Mallar
Edie Dearing
as Brittney Dibcy
Jodie Tate
as Natalie Lambert
Sam Stefanski
as Shank