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Film title: December Ends
Language: English
Plot: After Chris's (Josh Janowicz) mother dies, he is left to take care of himself and his alcoholic father (Bill Buell). He picks up odd jobs to help with the bills but still falls short as his father's condition worsens. Things take a turn for the better when Chris's cousin Brian (Barrett James) gets him a job working for a Brooklyn drug dealer. Chris is able to pay the rent, but when he meets his boss's girlfriend for the first time, he finds that job might entail more than just running errands...

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December Ends Cast & Crew

Josh Janowicz
as Chris Conley
Alex Thayer
as Audrey McKenna
Justin Matthews
as Hayden Lee
Jacob Reynolds
as Skyler Rudin
Bryant Botero
as Angel Ibanez
Bill Buell
as Fred Conley
Barrett James
as Brian Dean
Scott Brandon
as Seymour Guggenheim
Amanda Clayton
as Nicole
Amy Martinson
as Brittany
Sherry Skinker
as Peggy Dean
Jonathan Hogan
as Gary Dean
Jason Watson
as Dr. Gordon
Bridget Nason
as Christie