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Film title: Deep Down
Language: English
Plot: A young musician with a talent for all things electrical spies on his sexy neighbor with a penchant for skinny dipping in the pool in broad daylight and her obviously violent husband. He is so violent that in the opening sequence he murders a man for talking with his mouth full of food. As the soft-core sex film advances, she gets involved sexually with the much younger man, all the while luring him into a trap involving the murder of

Deep Down Series
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Deep Down Cast & Crew

Judith Scarpone
as Waitress #1
Chris Young
as Andy
Kathryn Atwood
as Waitress #2
Lisa Rhoden
as Holly
Tanya Roberts
as Charlotte
Paul Le Mat
as Ray
Mario Montufar
as Store Clerk
Geoffrey Tozer
as Stooge #1
David Andriole
as Stooge #2
Mark Anthony Little
as Stooge #3
John Morrissey
as Detective