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Film title: Delirious
Rotten Tomatoes: 44%
Language: English
Plot: Jack is the head writer for a successful soap opera, and he's sweet on the show's star, lovely Laura. It's easy for everyone but Jack to see that she's playing him for a sap. But a conk on the head brings Jack some new insights - and some new powers. He finds himself in Ashford Falls, site of his fictional soap opera -- and everything he writes comes true! It's a fantastic opportunity to get Rachel, Laura's character, to fall in love with him. But life isn't easy even in the fictional world, and even when you're the author!

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Delirious Cast & Crew

John Candy
as Jack Gable
Mariel Hemingway
as Janet Dubois / Louise
Emma Samms
as Rachel Hedison / Laura Claybourne
Raymond Burr
as Carter Hedison
Dylan Baker
as Blake Hedison
Charles Rocket
as Ty Hedison
David Rasche
as Dr. Paul Kirkwood / Dennis
Andrea Thompson
as Nurse Helen Caldwell
Zach Grenier
as Mickey
Jerry Orbach
as Lou Sherwood
Milt Oberman
as Fetterman
Mark Boone Junior
as Cable Man
Tony Steedman
as Edward the Butler