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Film title: Der Mond und andere Liebhaber
Language: German
Plot: Der Mond und andere Liebhaber narrates the story of Hanna, a woman who will not take lifes set-backs and knock-downs sitting down. Instead, she takes them in her stride, picks herself up and marches onward. This is a woman who continually draws new courage from her inexhaustible will to live. Whatever losses and uncertainties come her way, she remains true to herself.When her former employer, a cosmetics shop, goes bust, Hanna simply helps herself to boxes full of perfume. As life and politics change around her, principally the fall of the Berlin Wall and German reunification, Hanna battles on through the new job at the petrol station, the steady advances from Knuti (Steffen Scheumann), right through to a trip to Turkey until she meets the great love of her life. But Gansar (Birol Uenel) is not a free man. Hannas desperation leads to a very public scene and personal tragedy. Except, this is Hanna we are talking about. So she does what only she can. She picks herself up again, and starts over in new hope.As if Der Mond und andere Liebhaber needed it, another thespian seal of approval comes from Birol Uenel, whose performance in Fatih Akins Berlin Golden Bear-winning Head-On still resonates.

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Der Mond und andere Liebhaber Cast & Crew

Fritzi Haberlandt
as Daniela 'Dani'
Birol Ünel
as Gansar
Bruno F. Apitz
as Sprengmeister
Johannes Arpe
as Personenschützer
Andrea Ballschuh
as Moderatorin
Uwe Dag Berlin
as Chef des Callcenters
Sarah Blaßkiewitz
as Karla Lottner
Detlev Buck
as LKW-Fahrer
Victor Choulman
as Witali