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Film title: Der letzte Zug
Language: German, Hebrew, Polish, French, Ukrainian
Plot: The year is 1943 and the "last of the Jews" are being "evacuated" from Berlin. They are locked in cattle cars with no food and little water. During the trip several of the characters are drawn out and vignettes of their lives are highlighted to restore some humanity to their animal existence aboard the train. The suffering and agony is palpable. Some parts can be watched in double speed as they are just just filler. If you exclude the final theatrical device thrown in at the end, the movie is worth watching for it's historical relevance.

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Der letzte Zug Cast & Crew

Gedeon Burkhard
as Henry Neumann
Lale Yavas
as Lea Neumann
Lena Beyerling
as Nina Neumann
Roman Roth
as Albert Rosen
Brigitte Grothum
as Gabrielle Hellmann
Hans-Jürgen Silbermann
as Jakob Noschik
Sharon Brauner
as Erika Friedlich
Juraj Kukura
as Dr. Friedlich
Vojtech Kotek
as Izzy Perles
Csongor Kassai
as Avram Perles
Magdalena Sidonová
as Sylvia Perles
Nina Divísková
as Rosa Wasserstein