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Film title: Detonator
Language: English
Plot: When a bomb, delivered to a law firm's skyscraper office, kills 15 night crew and senior partner Anne Harrington, irreverent postal inspector Beau Stoddard competently traces it. Officially he's just FBI liaison. Nominee director of Domestic Security Robert Brickland, Beau's hated ex-boss at bomb squad and FBI, grudgingly lets him collaborate with ex-partner Jane Dreyer. Soon after U.S. Attorney Fred Goldenberg is also bombed. Anonymous letters suggests the link is drug hood James Grimes, but he maintains his innocence while dying in a bloody arrest. Beau pushes on, fearing a dirtier plot.

Detonator  Series
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Detonator Cast & Crew

Randall Batinkoff
as Beau Stoddard
Elizabeth Berkley
as Jane Dreyer
Stan Shaw
as Robert Brickland
Bokeem Woodbine
as Jack Forrester
Denis Forest
as Steve Kerwin
John Pleshette
as Stuart Newman
Peter Jason
as U.S. Attorney Fred Goldenberg
Terri J. Vaughn
as Sharona Brown
Cheselka Leigh
as Candi
Will Stewart
as Van Wilson
Tom Virtue
as Fred Bizzert
Patrick Bristow
as DeJuan Michaels
Gregory Scott Cummins
as James Grimes
Diannah Bays
as Diana - reporter