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Film title: Devdas
Rotten Tomatoes: 85%
Language: Hindi
Plot: In this Bollywood blockbuster, Devdas and Paro have a supreme love that began in childhood when they were kindred spirits. But their love is star-crossed. In a moment of weakness, Devdas breaks the bond of trust between them. Heartbroken, Paro marries another man. Unable to face life alone without Paro, Devdas finds solace in the bottle, but it's cold comfort. For Devdas, only death can be the final release from his enduring pain.

Devdas Series
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Devdas Cast & Crew

Shah Rukh Khan
as Devdas Mukherji
Madhuri Dixit
as Chandramukhi
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
as Parvati ('Paro')
Jackie Shroff
as Chunnilal
Kiron Kher
as Sumitra
Smita Jaykar
as Kaushalya
Tiku Talsania
as Dharamdas
Vijayendra Ghatge
as Bhuvan Choudhry