Watch Dial M for Murder Online

Watch Dial M for Murder Online
Film title: Dial M for Murder
Rotten Tomatoes: 88%
Language: English
Plot: Director Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece of double-cross and intrigue stars Ray Milland as former tennis champ Tony Wendice, who concocts a plan to kill his rich but unfaithful wife (Grace Kelly), who's embroiled in a liaison with a writer (Robert Cummings). When Tony's plans go awry, he improvises a second act of deceit, but the entire bloody affair turns out to be far messier than he expected. John Williams plays a sly Scotland Yard inspector.

Dial M for Murder Cast & Crew

Ray Milland
as Tony Wendice
Grace Kelly
as Margot Mary Wendice
Robert Cummings
as Mark Halliday
John Williams
as Chief Inspector Hubbard
Anthony Dawson
as Captain Lesgate - aka Charles Alexander Swann
Leo Britt
as The Storyteller
Patrick Allen
as Detective Pearson
George Leigh
as Detective Williams
George Alderson
as First Detective
Robin Hughes
as Police Sergeant O'Brien