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Film title: Diamond Zero
Language: English
Plot: This is how it works: In nature, the heat and pressure of the earth turns coal into diamonds over a period of thousands of years. Industrial diamonds are created by processing coal in a machine that mimics the heat and pressure of the earth. Because coal is the carbonized remains of prehistoric plants and animals, it is made up of the same chemical components found in all other organic life forms, including human beings, so, what would happen if cremated human remains were used instead of coal?

Diamond Zero Series
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Diamond Zero Cast & Crew

Bronson Pinchot
as Bergerac De La Houssey
Tippi Hedren
as Eleanor Kelly
Darin Heames
as Lulu
Leo Rossi
as Augustine Garza
Timothy McNeil
as Dr. Simon Lockbuster
Richard Moll
as Detective Jackson
Joan Van Ark
as The Hemingway Diamond
Joseph Ruskin
as Quentin Leeds
John Churchill
as Detective Grubbs
Van Epperson
as Arnie Crump
David Ripley
as Mark
Khadijah Karriem
as Pamela Riggs
Alan Charof
as Jean