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Film title: Diamond in the Dust
Language: English
Plot: This story is a family drama about JJ, a lonely, yet talented, adolescent who is grief stricken by the loss of his grandfather, recent relocation to the USA and being overlooked by a family that are too absorbed in their own dramas to notice him. JJ is coerced by his one friend to expose his amazing guitar skills on a social network site, meanwhile JJ's family is spiraling towards total breakdown with one sister on the brink of suicide, the other in denial and his parents under pressure and on the verge of breaking up. When JJ's posts go viral and he becomes an overnight sensation, he finds himself thrust into the limelight which finally enables him to be noticed, meanwhile, his family has reached crisis point and private family problems are being exposed. JJ must decide how he can embrace and share his talent without pulling his family any further apart - this he does by taking a personal and creative risk, as he boldly steps into manhood and the worldwide music arena.

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Diamond in the Dust Cast & Crew

Malcolm McDowell
as Grandpa Jack
Ellen Burstyn
as Nana Louise
Daryl Hannah
as Vivienne Calling
John Corbett
as Jason Calling
MYC Agnew
as Young Jack
Paddy Creamer
as JJ Calling