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Film title: Die Storie van Klara Viljee
Language: Afrikaans
Plot: This affirming story of one womans struggle to free herself from the past, and how that affects the small fishing village where she lives, shows that faith can move mountains, or unmake them. When the seamstress Klara loses her father and her fianc? at sea, she decides she never wants to see the ocean again. She builds her house behind a huge sand dune, and even refuses to eat fish.Several years later, however, she receives news that makes her start carting away the dune, bucket load by bucket load. It turns out her boyfriend is alive, and that hes been living in Cape Town for the past six years. He ran off because he made a local girl pregnant a pregnancy attributed to the local schoolmaster. As the villagers watch Klara move the dune, they begin examining their own lives, and the entire community undergoes a wondrous rejuvenation.

Die Storie van Klara Viljee Series
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Die Storie van Klara Viljee Cast & Crew

Anna-Mart van der Merwe
as Klara Viljee
Regardt van den Bergh
as Dawid Aucamp
Hennie Oosthuizen
as Soois de Swardt
Trix Pienaar
as Rose van Tonder
Lida Botha
as Tant Mollie
Wilma Stockenström
as Miss Lissie Sauer
Gavin van den Berg
as Pietman Willemse
Michelle Scott
as Engela Nel
André Rossouw
as Doors Nel
Sandra Kotze
as Trynie Nel
Cobus Visser
as Boetie
Lyndsey Yssel
as Tjoeks
Goliath Davids
as Das Pieters
Johan Botha
as Neels
Flip Theron
as Ertjies