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Film title: Die Verfehlung
Language: German
Plot: It is 1988. Jacob (Gottfried John), from Hamburg in West Germany, falls in love with Elisabeth (Angelica Domröse) in East Germany. When they secretly meet in East Berlin, it seems the Stasi (secret police) knows about it. When Jacob visits her village, someone informs on him and he is deported. Elisabeth knows who begrudges her this love and takes her revenge. Critics note that in this film, director Heiner Carow revisits the themes of his 1972 smash hit, The Legend of Paul and Paula, which became a cult film throughout Germany.

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Die Verfehlung Cast & Crew

Angelica Domröse
as Elisabeth Bosch
Gottfried John
as Jacob Alain
Jörg Gudzuhn
as Reimelt
Dagmar Manzel
as Regina Bosch
Katja Paryla
as Lilo Utikal
Dirk Kummer
as Holger Bosch