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Watch Die Online
Film title: Die
Language: English
Plot: Lisa, a gambler who lives for the cards. Robert, a millionaire philanthropist, Mark (Elias Kostas), a cop reaching the end of a gruesome career. Zach, a brilliant psychiatrist. Melody, a teenager battling drug addictions. Diane, a caring nurse whose patients are the only life surrounding her. What do these six people have in common? Something connects them all - each of them is on the road to self-destruction, each is truly lost. And then, something happens: they all wake up in cells in a surreal facility, without knowing how they got there or why. Are they in denial? Are they crazy? What happened? They soon discover they are not alone, when the mysterious Jacob (Pyper-Ferguson) forces them into a disturbing experiment, during which the unwilling participants come to face disturbing truths about themselves and decide each others fate in a nerve racking game of dice.

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Die Cast & Crew

John Pyper-Ferguson
as Jacob Odessa
Emily Hampshire
as Lisa Meridian
Caterina Murino
as Sofia Valenti
Elias Koteas
as Mark Murdock
Patricia McKenzie
as Diane Robinson
Karl Pruner
as Zach Emmett
Katie Boland
as Melody Chambers
Fabio Fulco
as Robert Moretti
Bill Croft
as Deakins
Chip Chuipka
as William
Frank Schorpion
as Chief Wesley
Paul Hopkins
as Cop #1
Larry Day
as Investigator