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Film title: Dinner at Fred's
Language: English
Plot: Richard leaves his corporate office for a weekend at the country house of his fiancee, who is a daughter of his boss. On the way there he is forced to accept offer of lodging from local Fred and when he enters the house, the wacky family of Celia, her brother Dennis and their parents won't let him move on away from it. Family believes they are under the curse of the wild turkey, by which anyone who stays past midnight in the rural house is doomed to never leave.

Dinner at Fred's Series
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Dinner at Fred's Cast & Crew

Gil Bellows
as Richard
Parker Posey
as Celia
John Neville
as Uncle Henrick
Trevor Blumas
as Young Richard
Joseph Kell
as Dennis
Patricia Gage
as Aunt Bonnie
Aidan Devine
as Officer Mike
Leon Pownall
as George Billings
Don Francks
as Gus
Kristin Lehman
as Sarah Billings