Watch Disaster Movie Online

Watch Disaster Movie Online
Film title: Disaster Movie
Rotten Tomatoes: 1%
Language: English
Plot: Trapped in a city as tornados and asteroids ravage the land, three terrified friends get swept up in a series of wacky adventures as they look for a way to stop the onslaught in this spoof of disaster flicks.

Disaster Movie Cast & Crew

Matt Lanter
as Will
Nicole Parker
as Enchanted Princess
Carmen Electra
as Beautiful Assassin
Tony Cox
as Indiana Jones
Tad Hilgenbrink
as Prince
Nick Steele
as Underwear Model
John Di Domenico
as Dr. Phil Look-A-Like
Jason Boegh
as Male Carrie
Valerie Wildman
as Samantha
Abe Spigner
as Flava-Flav Look-A-Like