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Film title: Distortions
Language: English
Plot: A man goes to speak with a gigolo and is promptly beaten for his trouble. Soon afterward, his wife is told that he burned to death in a car wreck and is shown the body...and that's when she starts seeing strange men at the corner of her vision, while her friend does all she can to convince her she's going insane!

Distortions Series
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Distortions Cast & Crew

Olivia Hussey
as Amy Marks
Steve Railsback
as Scott Marshall
Piper Laurie
as Margot Caldwell
Edward Albert
as Jason Marks
June Chadwick
as Kelly Howell
Rita Gam
as Mildred Tyson
Terence Knox
as Paul Elliott
T.J. Castronova
as Harry Cory
Leon Smith
as Dan Jackson
John F. Goff
as Coroner Tompkins
Don Clark
as Gary Walker
Cathleen Chin
as Receptionist Tie Lyn
Moya Goodwin
as Amy's Mother
Joseph Colgan
as Amy's Father