Watch Django Unchained Online

Watch Django Unchained  Online
Film title: Django Unchained
Language: English, German, French
Plot: Former dentist, Dr. King Schultz, buys the freedom of a slave, Django, and trains him with the intent to make him his deputy bounty hunter. Instead, he is led to the site of Django's wife who is under the hands of Calvin Candie, a ruthless plantation owner.

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Django Unchained Cast & Crew

Jamie Foxx
as Django
Christoph Waltz
as Dr. King Schultz
Leonardo DiCaprio
as Calvin Candie
Kerry Washington
as Broomhilda von Shaft
Samuel L. Jackson
as Stephen
Walton Goggins
as Billy Crash
Dennis Christopher
as Leonide Moguy
James Remar
as Butch Pooch / Ace Speck
David Steen
as Mr. Stonesipher
Laura Cayouette
as Lara Lee Candie-Fitzwilly
Ato Essandoh
as D'Artagnan
Sammi Rotibi
as Rodney
Clay Donahue Fontenot
as Big Fred's Opponent